Today is World Oceans Day! Time to give a Dopper away.

Stop using single-use water bottles. Stop the plastic soup and save our oceans. Get a reusable @dopper_official and start drinking from the tap. We have 24 Doppers to give away. Please send a DM if you want one.
Do what you love - thanks to @daan_rietbergen Support Daan’s Printshop
Forever & Always
Nike Blazer #newkicks
‘Leef op het ritme van de zee, leef zonder het tikken van de tijd’
Good Vibrations
Revolt Chair by Friso Kramer
”Fix You”
‘Offline’ - have yourself a merry little Christmas! Enjoy!
Capturing beauty
Summer is here. Longing for a cold swimming pool. Like....John, Paul, George and Ringo in a (very, very cold) Miami swimming pool in February 1964. Credits: John Loengard—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images #thebeatles #swimmingpool #greatpicture
You are the best thing -inspired by @raylamontagne
Cats 🐈 do great on Instagram they say (and toiletseats). Just a little test... like it?
Please recycle @cocacola
“🧡Bezet Ivana + Nanna”. Ik fietste vandaag over de Amsterdamse grachten en kwam dit tegen. Hoogstwaarschijnlijk meiden met met een groot gevoel voor marketing. Het is 19 april maar nu een hele goede plek claimen voor Koningsdag is de sleutel naar een succesvolle business. Claim je domein! Goeie letters ook natuurlijk! Helpt altijd.
Cassidy @brettdennen “Cassidy, is reggae music playing on the beach
Blue moon tonight, and there isn't a cloud in the sky
Grab your Swiss Army Knife and the blanket and meet me outside
Yeah, come on
Cassidy, the things I lean on are slippery
But I know I love you
And you make it so hard to leave
But I'll keep loving you 'til I'm only a memory”

Tonight in Amsterdam!